• The landscape of the soul

      Through the years, we accumulate a series of experiences. Our tendency is to evaluate and simply reflect on what we have been through and what w...
  • Chakra Stones, Elements, and Colors

        These chakras are spirals of energy that rotate in specific orbits. When one is out of alignment, the body can quickly get sick or ill. They ...
  • The Hidden Powers of Chakra Meditation

    Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel or vortex. The chakras can be thought of as energy centers that direct the flow of energy through our bodies. Chakras are a part of our consciousness and how we use them reflects on the decisions that we make in our lives.
  • Balancing Chakras to Soothe Migraines

      The word chakra is Sanskrit for wheel.  The chakras are the seven primary distribution points for the energy in the body that run from the base ...
  • Prenatal Yoga and Its Benefits

      So you’ve been attending yoga and now you find yourself pregnant and somehow feel different, even special.  Wondering if yoga is still good fo...
  • Living Abundantly

    All of us want it and yet most of us are bowed down because of the lack of it. Living abundantly, for those who found it, does not take much. All ...
  • Yoga Techniques: The Basics for Relaxation

    Yoga has been practiced by people since time immemorial. According to several researches, the practice originated from the Hindu philosophy, hence...
  • Buddhist Meditation and the Search for Life’s Meaning

    To meditate is to be enlightened, to see things in the light of reality.
  • The Background of Meditation In Hinduism

    Meditation generally refers to the state of concentrated focus on an object of thought or awareness. The background of meditation stems from the ai...
  • Building a Meditation Garden

    A garden as a good tool for a successful meditation.
  • Chakra Healing

    The art of chakra healing has been used for centuries to balance important energy centres in our body called chakras. We can use a number of different tools such as stones or meditation during chakra balancing. The end result will be a physically healthier body and a happier, more peaceful you.

  • Daily Meditation - Spiritual Support For Today's World

    In days of old, spiritual life was separate from "regular life".  People went to church or temple once a week, and then got on with the rest of their lives.  Daily meditation was something that only nuns, priests, rabbis or monks did.

    In today's world, our understanding of spiritual life is changing.  More and more we are understanding that all of life is sacred, and at the same time, there seems to be less and less time available for us to slow down and connect with our inner peace.